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Do you know the 12 uses of dragon blood?

First things first. If you would like me to send you a holiday card please comment here or email me at OR with your full address. That gives you three places to leave it for me, don't worry the post is screened.

Okay now that the important stuff is out of the way, I have something important to say; SEX

Um, wait, no that's not it. I'm not going to bother posting all my NYC photos, that'd be nuts! There's some photos I like more then others or some are very similar.

Oh, also I haven't been really reading my f-list. I sometimes drop by a specific journal to catch up but if I haven't commented I'm sorry, I'll probably catch up eventually.

Yesterday was decent. Mom and I got along then had a spectacular fight over the table cloth. Tis the season.
We had ten people including herself and me. Two annoying people came by, one I've known for a bit and the other is his friend. She didnt' shut up! He annoyed the hell out of me and so did she. She was waiting for her ride which was super late so mom and I were prepared to drive her home just to be rid of her! Thankfully we were spared the 30 minute drive when her ride pulled up.

Food was good of course, great wine and great pie. I don't like pumpkin pie really but I do eat mom's. It's cinnamon-y!

That said, happy belated Thanksgiving to any of you that celebrate it.

Before I get into posting some more New York pictures....OMFG!!!!!!
I saw this picture two nights ago, I gasped out loud when I saw it. OMFG, that is all.

These were taken on the tenth.

This fellow made an appearance when we were heading to the Natural History Museum on November 10th. It's a boy! Took videos of him that I'll get uploaded eventually.

I bet that's a statue of Atlas.

Mickey got pwned! Taken at a large Disney Store near St. Patrick's Cathedral. I hate Mickey, he's annoying! Give me Goofy :D

Speaking of! GOOFY!!!

A really awesome church.

Mama Mia! We were constantly walking so some photos aren't angled that great

Radio City Music Hall. The last time I was in New York I saw the Foo Fighters perform on that roof, it was Pat Smear's last show with them. The 97' MTV Video Music Awards, back when MTV was still tolerable.

The statue at Rockafeller Center, scaffolding! D:

Rockafeller Center

A beautiful statue

Wicked and Snapple! The Snapple caps were rotating :P

St. Patrick's Cathedral, gorgeous!

The old door which isn't opened anymore.

Arches! I love these!

The says 'sequere deum'

Through a tree

You're fired. Never saw an episode :)

Yay! I'll post more when I feel like it.
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