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2! 2 mice! HA HA HA!!! I've been watching Sesame Street, my favorite character!!!

No New York pictures right now, too tired for that. If you want to see the photos I've uploaded so far you can go to my LJ album

I did go to Best Buy on Thursday night to get a few things with mom. I saw a PS3 line already forming (it was 9pm). I wished them luck in their adventure and went into the store. They were having a sale so I picked up the new Spyro, God of War, and Dragon Quest VIII. Spyro..I'm very disappointed in it. It isn't Spyro, it's an evil impostor. They completely butchered the original storyline..there's things from all the Spyro's that this game doesn't have! The gems are for power-ups and not currency like they should be, his fire breath doesn't do much..he has to do karate movesmostly. Lastly, it doesn't look like Spyro! Sure he's purple and yellow but he looks more like a alligator\frog with wings then the Spyro I adore so very much. Spyro is one of the very first games I bought for myself (bought, not played) and seeing it reduced to that made me sad. I'll finish the game and probably trade it in.
I'm not a huge fan of RPGs but when I saw Dragon Quest VIII I squealed. I used to be obsessed with Dragon Warrior VII which is before this game. Despite the name difference, it's the same. I was so happy! I'm already hooked on this game hehe.
I played a little God of War in EB Games when it was first released and liked it but never got around to getting it, thankfully it was cheap. The most expensive game was DQ VIII and that's probably because it had a Final Fantasy XII demo disc in it which I don't care about since I'm not really a FF fan.

Went to see Happy Feet on Friday and squealed over the HP trailer. Well I didn't squeal, I held it in until the very end and then I let loose with a cheer a long with much of the theater. It was great! The movie itself was okay, I do recommend it though I don't love it, just like it :)
After that I ran errands with mom. Went to the Pantages Theater to get a Wicked ticket. I'm so happy, I got a great seat for February 15th. It's first row, center balcony. I prefer the balcony, woo! I'm going to try to see it at least two more times (not including the group I'm going with in May) before it leaves. I see Lion King in the beginning of December!

Saturday was lovely and dull, played some Spyro and started DQ VIII, took a nap, played with Leela\Lisa, etc etc.

Sunday was fun in a rushed sort of way.
First of all, the previous owner of The Cat Formally Known As Misha called asking my mom if I wanted his two mice since he couldn't keep those either! Before I could answer he told her that he would have to take them to a shelter if he couldn't get a home for them that day. So, the sucker animal lover that I am couldn't let that happen. Besides, it's only two mice, it's not like it's another cat! So I agreed and he came over. I was in a hurry because I wanted to get Zelda but knew that when him and his new wife came by, they would talk with mom for a bit.
When they came by I had to bite my tongue because of the cage setup. For one thing, those two mice were in a damn Critter Trail, and a tiny one at that. For another they had ceder bedding. It smelled foul. I remember reading about how male mice are stinky so I was very scared that this was their odor I was smelling, it was like a skunk! After they left a hour later I put them in one of my smallest cages. That cage is used for quarantining baby rats or new mamas up to a week then they upgrade. I have a few of those cages, the mamas go in the ones that had the wheel taken out. This cage is a palace for these guys! Anyway, it's two black self males. The bigger one, Mouse, is hand tamed and comes to your hand. The smaller one, Company, is skittish. Mouse and Company, don't ask.

Went to the mall and went into EB Games to pick up my Zelda for the Wii. I don't have the Wii though, I didn't wake up in time to get in line at that EB Games. Of course it was sold out everywhere but they'll get it in at the end of this week or the beginning of next week so I'll get it then. I'm playing DQ VIII to keep my mind off the fact that I got my paws on Zelda and can't play it yet.
Then mom and I went out to dinner at my favorite Israeli\Yemenite restaurant. Yum!

Monday..hmm. Nothing much, went to Leaky Cauldron and shrieked over the massive updates. Go check out Leaky, so many photos, videos, the trailer online, etc! If any of you want me to post pictures that you can't load let me know, I'll be happy too ;)
I'm upset about his hand. The have some photos of his hand from detention with Umbitch and it's all wrong! It says "I must not break rules" when it's supposed to say "I must not tell lies", major difference! Grrr. Ah well.
Did some room cleaning, cage cleaning, litter box cleaning, laundry, and did some work out in the backyard. Joy!

Now I am relaxing with some wine hot tea while reading one of my favorite fan fictions before I go to bed. Note, 'go to bed' means just that, it doesn't mean 'go to sleep'. I'll probably head to the couch since my bed stuff is still in the laundry and I'm too lazy to make my bed right now. Plus the couch is comfy. I'll take my James Rollins book with me, I love his work. Check him out, I am pimping his work :D

She's afraid of the rats..and mice! I can't decide between Lisa and Leela.

Haha I got her in the middle of shaking her head :]

Company is the one showing his face.

Probably Company again

Mouse in the front

Mouse is much bigger then Company so it's easy to tell them apart.

I want Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee and I can't have any because there isn't a Dunkin' in Los Angeles! I also want Coffee Bean which I can't have because it's closed at this hour. Ah well, I shall have an iced coffee from Coffee Bean then. Yay!

If I don't post before Thursday, happy Thanksgiving to my US peeps.

PS---My mood icon is hot -_-
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