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I'm almost done uploading all my damn NYC photos to the computer, I've been preoccupied. About..30 more pictures then I can upload to the internet and post the rest!

I was talking to my neighbor about New York and mentioned seeing Wicked, she's a fan! I didn't know that. She mentioned that she saw Wicked a few years ago in New York and saw 'the woman that was married to Taye Diggs'
She saw Idina! She also saw Kristen, hell she probably saw the whole original cast! I am sooo jelous hehe.
OH! I went to the Pantages today to see if I could get a ticket for an earlier show of Wicked (I'm going with a group in May). I got front row center balcony seats for February 15th, wooop! Lion King tickets are still available which made me happy, I might get a ticket to see it twice. I'm seeing it with family December 5th but I want to see it twice, I love Lion King! I can't wait to see Wicked again! I want Phantom to come back ;p

Also, don't you hate it when you can read something on an icon? Look at my icon! Are those supposed to be words!? *grumbles*

I'm watching my new Family Guy dvd (the new one), I haven't seen these episodes so it's all new! I was watching one where Stewie was in a pinball and he was going through a giant pinball machine, omg it brought back memories of a show..but I can't place it! Mom said it's Tron but that's cars in a virtual world, not pinballs! Help?
I'm off my fangirl high ^_^

PS--OMG, the 'hot' mood icon is just so wrong heehee.
Tags: fandom, i'm a geek, random, theater
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