Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

So if you care to find me look to the western sky!

I'll do a NYC post eventually, as weaselses said, I'm letting it soak in. I'm also in the process of putting all my photos on to the computer and then I'll start uploading them to the internet. After that, I'll post them to my journals. I'll post some here and all of them over at saries_photos little by little. I won't do it by days, it'll be by subject. So if you friended that journal, be prepared to be spammed. That's your only warning.

Oh, if you listened to my previous phone post, you will know that I had a tough time on the flight home and you can tell in my voice (especially for those of you that know how I sound and how I speak). If you want details read my comment to Weasel here.

Mom didn't understand why I was so upset with the flight. She was like "you aren't afraid of turbulence, what's the problem?"
Maybe it was the stress of the delayed flight but I doubt it, it was only delayed a little under a hour. It could possibly be because I'm not in a great mind frame at the general.
When I go abroad, I'm going to need to bring sedatives. Seriously. If I get turbulence as bad as that...or worse, I don't want to put up with it. Plus the fact that going abroad to...England for example is a...18 hour flight right? No thanks, I need drugs.

Heidi didn't greet me at all and today when I went to feed her she peed and ran to her bed. Makes me feel both unloved and like a dog abuser.
Also, Spencer meowed at me in a normal tone. The rats greeted me like I was gone for years though, so I felt some love.
My cats usually show happiness when I come home after being away so I dunno why they didn't that time. Silly felines.

Ah well, a real vacation post to come.

Tags: friends, musings, nyc vacation, squee!!!
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