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whoever thinks I'm a rabid fangirl, comment with 'aye!'

Got back from voting. I was very pleased to see that there was a big turnout. Granted, it's a large election what with the governor's, assembly people, and the propositions but there's never big turnouts. So this made me happy.

Now to put my 'I VOTED' sticker in with all my others. I put them with my concert and movie tickets hehe.

See my mood icon? Yes, that's right, I had zero sleep again! I really can't afford to sleep today, I need to clean my room hardcore. My beloved brother threatened to come into my room and throw things out that were 'out of place'. Er, okay it's my room and it isn't as messy as it could easily be, what with me being the owner of the room ;p
He'll go through with it so I have to spend today and tomorrow cleaning, then packing. I still need to go to Wallgreens and pick up some rolls of film and some gloves.

Lastly, damn you ugly heat! We're getting the Santa Ana's which is ugly hot wind from the desert. It blows away smog but it's so damn hot and gross! Stupid heat. Also, what the hell is up with the lack of rain! This is the start of our rainy season! Damn you unpredictable Southern California weather! I love you California, you are my birth state and you're beautiful in your natural diversity but you piss me off sometimes! *shakes fist*
Tags: adam, california, elections, rants, voting, weather
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