Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

can't sleep, clowns will eat me.

Yesterday Misha's previous owner brought her by and stayed about a hour until she seemed okay. I put her in the den (tv room) with a hidey hole she claimed, a litter box, a toy, and food and water. I checked on her and she's not in her hidey hole and I have no idea where she is, the doors closed that room off so she's probably hiding. She seems to be okay otherwise. She's a sweet cat from what I can tell, she would let me stroke her and she even played a little. We'll keep her in the den for a few days and then slowly introduce her to the animals. I'm not sure if we should start that before or after I get back from New York.
We're thinking of changing her name to something similar. You can't go from Misha to...Joanne, completely different sound. I do change names extremely for rats but I guess I feel differently towards cat name changing. Something like...Lisa. Lisa\Misha. I want a neat name though.
Misha is like a siamese tabby. SHe's gorgeous, a medium coat with the creams of a siamese and some brownish grey tabby markings on her face and legs. Her coat is mottled light to darker cream and her tail is sepia like a siamese. Really neat :)

Three more days! Well nearly four since I leave in the major AMs of Thursday ;p
Also, new photos of Dan. Also at Leaky Cauldron. Just thought I'd share hehe.

Lastly, anybody know where I can find a screencap of the scary clown bed from the Simpsons episode "Lisa's First Word'? Gee, I can't believe I remember the name of the episode. I want that scary bed made into an icon with the obvious text but I can't find a photo of it!
Tags: cat photos, cats, dan radcliffe, icons, misha
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