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Dragons and OotP photos from last week!

Dragon movie! Eeee!. It's based on this book which I've seen in the young adult section of bookstores for about...two years now I think, maybe longer. I was always tempted on reading these books because there were dragons on the cover and I adore dragons but I never got around to reading them.

I can't wait to see Happy Feet, I'm also going to see Night At The Museum. I was at the mall the other day and saw that Driving Lessons was playing at the little theater there, I better go catch it before it leaves because I haven't seen it played anywhere else. Of course, I'm not keeping up with what movie is playing where so it's probably playing at other locations and I never noticed. When the hell is December Boys coming to theaters! I want to see it sooooo badly XD

I saw these last week but never got around to squealing over them. Did any of you see those photos of Dan and Mark Williams!?!?! OMFG, I just about foamed at the mouth when I saw those photos! Since this isn't a fandom post I won't go all fangirl, but he's just so cute like that! His hair is tamed and he's wearing good clothes for his trial. Eee! You can see all the other photos over here at Leaky Cauldron.

I really need to update more! I took some photos of the rats two days ago, maybe I'll post them tonight. Oh! I have a really bad cold, I thought it was something to do with my previous Bronchitis but it turns out to just be a bad cold. I'm having major skin sensitivity which I absolutely hate D:

There's a big article on leopard seals in November's National Geographic! I love that magazine, I've been a subscriber for years and years and keep each one. At my middle school, our library had a bunch of old ones, I mean old. I would laugh at the upright dinosaurs, our old way of thinking. It's fasinating. There were a few double copies so the science teacher let me take those home because he knows how much I loved them, it was a small school and he was in charge of those magazines I suppose.
I love leopard seals, they have my utmost respect. They freaked me out look wise, I have to admit. When their mouths are closed they're kinda...reptilian in the face. I've seen photos of them where they look like a mix of shark, dog, and lizard so I was freaked out by them as a kid. They're looks still kinda freak me out but I also see them as beautiful predators, my favorite seal :)

I want a new mood theme :)
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