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I just haven't been posting lately have I? I've been in a mood lately, I guess depressed, not really wanting to post I suppose. On the plus side I've been falling asleep a bit easier.

Yesterday Monsie and I went to Pasadena to pick up our girlies (and my dashing bucks). Oy vey, that was terrible! Okay, my mom was in a weird mindset when she wrote the directions obviously. I've been to this breeder's house so many times, I know how to get there basically but mom wrote down an 'easier and more direct route' for us to take, her instructions sucked! We missed the freeway merge because Los Angeles freeways are such a pain in the arse to understand sometimes and couldn't find an off-ramp so we ended up in Pomona (that's out of the way). We had to backtrack obviously and finally found our way, it took us longer to get there then it normally would if we went our normal route!
On the way home it was the same damn situation! We couldn't find the right freeway so we got on the 134 and drove till we hit the Pasadena freeway and finally get back to my neighborhood. We rewarded putting up with the hideous freeways by grabbing a bite to eat then going to Coffee Bean. Oh, forgot to mention, her poor hubby was driving. Monsie was having coniption fits and I, well yeah I was having little fits at every sharp turn and whenever we got really close to the car in front of us. I was in the back seat so I felt all those sharp turns and I'm very skittish when I'm a passenger, especially on the freeway so I was not doing too good, heh.

But back to the most important thing, we got our furkids! Monsie got two nekkid girlies, I was debating on getting one but decided against it. I really prefer light colored hairless girls, like fawns, siamese, pews, ect and there weren't any left. Maybe later on I'll get another nekkid girl.
I picked up my rats which I've linked you to before, you can see them behind the cut and all the photos at my photography journal (I'm pimping my journal!). We were looking at all the lovely rats she has and I was super sad to find out that a boy I adore, Hound, passed away very recently. I loved him, he was such a squishy boy!
I was looking at the other little babies and met the litter of the russian siamese I'm getting in about a week to do some burmese breeding. I also fell in love with another baby, I'm very very bad. It could have been worse, I could have taken some of those older rats or reserved even more babies. Anyway, I saw these babies online and really liked the female but when I went to her house and handled them I fell in love with the little boy who was smooshy. He would lie in my hand like a little ball of fuzz. I'm thinking of naming him Harry II, I mean look at that head mark! It isn't a lightning blaze (there are such markings!) but..I've always wanted to name a male black rat with a head spot Harry..and he's a velveteen! That's a rat with bed isn't a harley coat which is even better for Potter!hair but beggers can't be choosers. Oh, I've had OFR rats, very sweet rats :)

Anyway, yeah I most likely will name him Harry II (Harry the 2nd hehe). When calling him I'll just say Harry though.
That said, I'm in a dilema about my two new boys. I don't know what to name them! I'm anal with my rat names, I like the names to be in a theme and have some sort of order. I don't want to name the black boy...Neville for example and the fawn Mundungus, that wouldn't make sense. Godric and Salazar makes sense, Harry and Ron makes sense, Neville and Harry makes sense, etc etc. I'm debating on naming the fawn Ron or Godric. This guy is an orange rat and I'm going to have a I should just name him Ron huh? Lol, I'm so conflicted, it's really pathetic! What do I name the black rat though? I'm not naming him Dean, I know some of you are thinking that ;)

I won't name him Salazar if I name the fawn Ron because that wouldn't fit, I can wait for another Godric and this black rat isn't really...Salazar, he's wary and such and not in a Slytherin way. Anyway, suggestions? I've had a Neville but I'm not opposed to Neville II and that would fit for book five, the sextet. Hmmm, gotta think on that. Name suggestions for the black rat are welcome! I don't think Severus would fit do you? If you think it would, tell me how! His hair is shiny...greasy looking, it's worth serious thought lol.

Wow, that was a long section for my name debate! My girls, the girls are a pickle too. I'm not fond of the name Helga though Rowena is a lovely name. Anyway, I kinda want to name one Zelda but I'm not sure. If I do name one Zelda maybe I should name the other Tetra (props to whoever gets that!). I was thinking of Epona but that means 'horse' and wouldn't fit ;)
I'll be naming a baby from a litter Link so that's taken care of. I don't like the name 'Impa' so much and I can't really think of other female characters off the top of my head. Or I could stick with Potter names, maybe Luna for one since they are both..lunar looking. I had a Luna so it would be Luna II obviously. The other though, is a problem. I had a Ginny and I don't really want to use that name again, plus that would require a fawn and I won't use Hermione for anything but an agouti velveteen\rex. Do not recommend Cho or I will fling fish at you, kthnxbye. Maybe Zelda can be the little one since she's the smallest and Luna can be the lilac platinum. Hmmm, opinions welcome! Hell, you can even tell me I'm a nutter (I love British slang so very much) but only if you say it in love ^_~
I've grown attacted to the fawn and to the little blue, so sweet! I can't wait to breed, such fun. I've missed squeakers and popcorning fuzz balls.

The black boy, a self dumbo. So shiny!

The fawn, awww he's a moosh!

He's a russian fawn self dumbo

The lilac platinum dumbo gal, a berkshire. No bitching about her pink eyes, they're lovely! I love pink eyed rats (not meaning PEWs there but I love those too!)

What a lovely nose

Little blue self dumbo squishy moosh! Um, yes little ratties bring out the idiot in me. Of course, big beautiful rats like BooBoo, Lunk, and Belial (remember him!?) bring it out too. I tend to melt into a puddle of goo when I see big beautiful boys and just scoop them up and love them, kiss their bellies, give said bellies rasberries, hug their big fat bodies, etc etc. I love little ratties but only when young ya know? I prefer big squishy monsters, not horribly keen on dwarves though I have absolutely nothing against them and the genetics are fasinating. They are cute little buggers ;)

She's such a little love, she's a little over five weeks and very sweet. She's very floppy, she's limp when you hold her yet she'll hand wrestle which is always fun!

Little blue and Elphaba. I trust this breeder completely with rat health, she's very honest with me and tells me if there is actually health issues I need to be aware of with the colony. There was no cause for quarantine in my eyes because she wasn't exposed to any outside rats (pet store, show, etc etc). I have no worries of SDA or anything. Any other breeder rat or pet store rat and I would quarantine so yeah, I'm not risking my two current gals.

The older and younger new girls.

Squished in a box, Galinda couldn't take it anymore hehe. I let them meet on my bed which was neutral for them because the sheets were washed. They got along on there and no squabbles so I put the new girls in the cage for awhile and let them roam and pee and poo then took them out and put the established girls in to smell said pee and poo. After that I put the new girls in with the old girls and let them get reaquainted in their new shared home. The older girls smelled little blue and passed over her. Galinda picked on the other one a bit but not to the point of me having to step in, just pecking order squabbling. They've already stopped and no fights have been brought up since, they'll still be establishing the new order over the next couple of days but I'm sure this will work out with little worry since they're being really good about this :D

Little blue! Her name will not be little blue ;)

I'm going to try to take a video of them with my Powershot.

Two weeks and five days till New York! Woo!

My Team lost!! I was so surprised and not because that was my team that lost but becase so much hardcore awesome stuff was in the Angst team, it was insane! I've talked to some Romance supporters who were just as surprised. Oh well, no ill will, congratulations to the artists at Team Romance *cough flavored_glass cough*! Some of my favorite pieces were in your team, of course some were on my team but that should be expected. Song Of Death still effects me. Anybody want to squee and compare favorites? Er, this is a Harry Potter fandom thing to the people that have no clue what the hell I'm talking about, you probably don't want to know anymore then that. Anybody that cares to know, does ;D
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