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I'm not dead

The weekend was okay I suppose. I've been in a very strange mood, not apathetic but kinda...blah I guess you would say. I wasn't really interested in doing anything actually. Oh I did stuff but my attention span was small this weekend, I've also been very lethargic. The joys of depression eh?

Anyway, so it's been nearly a week since I've updated, wow. So on Thursday I ran errands with mom. We went to the shoe store and I got three pairs of shoes, sneakers, weather boots, and some nice comfy walking shoes. Speaking of weather boots, I was prepared for no snow in NYC since I read somewhere that in early November there's lots of rain but rarely any snow, or if any, just small amounts. The east coast is getting colder early though so I might get to have some! Of course that'll be a pain for me and Lesley when we're walking so hopefully it won't be really snowing when we're out and about. Mom did make me a scarf and matching hat so that's nifty. Oh, you can't find any good clothes for really cold weather in this damn city! It was hard enough finding weather boots, they usually don't stock them until late November. I need some help from all of you that live on the east coast, what kind of pants should I order? The sweatpants that stores here carry aren't pathetic, they're light and wouldn't keep me warm, it's basically exercise pants. Mom recommended I just take my jeans and wear hose under them. I have a London Fog jacket I'm taking, if it fits *sigh*. I couldn't find my gloves but then found them in the suitcase from when I went to Pennsylvania two years ago.

So anyway, we also went to the market and to Bel Air Camera to pick up my little Canon Powershot that's been in the shop for about three months now. Finally! To celebrate I took photos and videos since my camera has video capabilities.

I've also been drawing Zelda art, I uploaded four drawings but I did more then that and I might upload those later on. I can't wait for the new game, I pre-ordered it and I'm going mad with anticipation! I had no desire on getting the Wii because the controllers freak me out and I'm a creature of habit. Been using horizontal controls for all my gaming life and now they have a vertical one, that freaked me out. I read up on it though and I want one now. For one thing, it will take my GameCube games as well as the games made for it, that's awesome. The clincher for me would be if it had the Gameboy cartridge slot so I can play my GBA games on it like I do with my Gamecube. I also want the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. I might get them all eventually but I won't be getting the PS3 anytime soon because it's just so much money! I'll be trading my Xbox in and paying the difference for the 360 and the same goes for the Wii, I'll sell EB Games my Game Cube and pay the difference. I also have some games I don't play anymore so those would go towards paying. This won't happen anytime soon though, I pre-ordered Zelda for GameCube. I might swap it later on for the Wii version but whatever :P

Friday was interesting. We had Adam, his wife, and Grandma over for dinner. Adam came here from work and asked that I drive him to Grandma's to pick him up. There was forecast for rain but I figured I'd make it back before it rained and didn't want to start a fight so I agreed. Halfway there it started to pour, it didn't start out as a drizzle, it just came down! It took me a minute to find the wipers because I've only driven once before in the rain back when I had my lessons. I was driving on the La Cienaga Freeway which really isn't a freeway, you just go about 65 on it and there's no lights until the end so we just call it that. I drove on that in harder rain and I was driving against it so it seemed harder then it was. That was kinda creepy since it was my third lesson. Anyway, so I drive to Grandma's in the rain.
Oh the way home the sun came out and it continued to rain, I love when that happens! It was funny to me that I drove better in the rain then at night. I also drove really well too, I slowed down earlier for stop signs and everything. I think I'll be an okay driver for the rain. I always told myself I wouldn't be like a lot of other LA residents when it came to weather. It starts to drizzle and there's accidents, it's really pathetic. You just have to understand that the street is a little more hazardous while it's sleek, then it gets wet and it's a bit safer. Don't be so scared, it's just rain! I would understand snow a lot more and hail of course and extremely heavy rain where you just can't see but it rarely rains that hard. The rain I just mentioned is more like mountain rainstorms and the plains of America, you just rarely get that here. I'm not making light of weather driving, I just find that people here are pathetic when driving. Not everybody of course :)

Okay so behind the cut are the videos, I linked you to the Zelda art (pun not intended). The Wind Waker pieces were drawn in pencil and then traced over in a black Sharpie since that particular video game is very cartoony. I then colored it with Prismacolor colored pencils, which I adore. The Twilight Princess piece was down in very light pencil and then traced over with an ordinary pen. I was so happy with that piece since I'm not that good at that type of human drawing, plus the angle and the way I had to lay it out was just a pain in the arse. I was wary on coloring that one in, didn't want to mess it up. I might color it in on the computer but I don't know how *sighs dramatically*
I also have some videos behind the cut, the first two are of Heidi and the rattie girls.

Heidi is strange, that's a normal thing for her

So lame but they weren't in any mood to do anything fun I suppose and I really wanted to take a video of them. You can see Elphie's nose in the soda box near the end. Yeah, the cage is bare, they were in a smaller one and it didn't have much room for things besides a box, hammok, and dingle ball on a string. Most of their stuff is on the first floor.

Fishman from Wind Waker

Valoo from Wind Waker
The scan made him more orange then red. I used a red pencil

Link from Wind Waker

Link from Twilight Princess
I can't wait for this game!

Random videos!

*drools* Also, it's to Nightwish!

Just...yes. This videos rules. It's Star Wars\Phantom of the Opera! Despite Luke Skywalker's womanly voice, it rules XD

I love 80s music and this song always makes me laugh.

I love this episode! U2+Simpsons=YAY!
'Hold on people! The man's talking about waste management, that effects the whole damn planet!'

Bwahahha!!! This never fails to make me laugh in glee

*cackles some more*

This makes me laugh

I think this guy spent a week on the couch :]

I want him for my next birthday!

Darth Vadar got pwnzed!

Chipmunks! I got this movies a few months ago, I squeed when I saw it in BestBuy. I couldn't find the soundtrack anywhere but finally did, I ordered it because I'm a lame nostolgic geek. :D

Funny kitties to Smash Mouth. The spidercats make me laugh

Happy Happy Joy Joy. Nuff said :)

The last but certainly not the least! This videos wins hands down :D
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