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Sister Boom-Boom had over 10,000 votes!

Two more months to the day!!! *foams at the mouth*

So yesterday was bath day for the girls. The poor ladies have blood sucking parasites (who happen to also like their human mum) so I cleaned their cage, the surrounding area, and then I did my bed (just in case heh). I also upgraded their cage. Originally it was a Fern style cage, not an actual Fern cage, but it's the same size and basic body style. I figured I'd put them in a large cage so they're used to a palace sized cage by the time they get cage mates.
I'm probably going to put tile down or something so I can make the Skyscraper two cages, one level for the girls and one for the boys. I'm not sure yet though. I might just get two smaller Martins, not too small of course.
My journal time is all wonky, I have to go back and edit the time. Wtfrick!?

My poor girls. Not only do they have blood thirsy bugs on them but they have to take medication to get rid of said bugs and take a bath!

Elphie the punk!

Elphie hated the bath, she would leap to get out. Of course, with nearly five years of rat bathing experience, I know how to avoid her claws of doom

Poor Glinda, trying to grab me to get out. Of course it didn't happen ;)

Do you pity them?

Preparing to make a leap for freedom

Punk Elphie strikes again!

Dog paddling!

Finally, the horror is over and they are free to explore the vast plains of my bed.

Is she grooming or hiding in shame?

My elephant rat :)

She's so fuzzy and fluffy

Apple cider with cinnamon is so dang tasty.
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