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New journal XP

So I made a new journal because I am lame.
It's a photography journal, I'll just be posting my photos there and possibly my 'art' (doodles is a more acurate term!). I'll still be posting my photos here of course but I tend to take a crap load of photos at once and don't post them all here, I'll probably be posting them all over there so they are all available to view.
If any of you want to friend my photography journal or just keep tabs on it, it's saries_photos
The name comes from a typo Monsie did when she went to say my name, I think it's a nice typo of 'Sara' don't you?
Also gives me an excuse to use the cat mood theme I've had saved for a while now since I doubt I would have used that any time here!
Speaking of photos, I'll be posting photos of the girlies later here and there. Why? They had a bath! I also upgraded their cage from a Fern, which isn't horribly big to a Skyscraper which is a palace!

Team Angst for the win! *does a little cheer* Come on Team Angst, we can win! We got some great stuff! TEAM ANGST TEAM ANGST! WOOOO! HAHAHA
Well, one of my favorite pieces is a Team Romance piece...but still...Team Angst!!! YAY!
/stupid fangirl lameness
Tags: i'm a nerd, livejournal, my photograpy, snarry_olympics
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