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I have ridden the mighty Moon Worm!

Yesterday (Sunday) I had to drive mom to Urgent Care because she was had some blood in her urine. She had a UTI for the past day but the blood was new. So I drove her to U.C. and they took a sample and such. Because she has a history of cancer she has to come back in ten days and they put her on medication. It was a milestone for us, she didn't complain once about my driving, heh but I did mess up the park job. It's okay though, it was a handicap space and those are extra wide and people can't park next to it so I wasn't blocking any spaces next to us (mom has a handicap sticker so it was legal, I'm not a mean person who takes handicap spaces illegally).
Anyway so we picked up the medication and my prescription still hasn't come in! As of this coming Thursday I'll be out of one of my medications and I need it so I better call my doctor to have her call it in, this is annoying!
Played Zelda basically all day, hehe. I'm playing Oricana of Time and I'll then play the sequel Majorca's Mask. I'll probably finish them before starting on Twilight Princess, I think I'll actually get them done before it comes out next month.
It's exactly one month till New York! Woo! Then I get to hang out with weaselses and do fun things with her for a few days. Yay!
What else, nothing much actually. It's Sukkot so I've been eating outside in the Sukkah with the spiders who I can see in the light fixture hehe. Speaking of spiders, I made a new friend! She's hanging out by the garage and I named her Ms. West after Mae West (because of her legs). You can see her photos behind the cut, yes I'm taking many spider photos.
So that was my day.

Hahahaha, awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

'My fellow Earthicans, as I discuss in my book Earth in the Balance and the much more popular Harry Potter & The Balance of Earth we need to defend our planet against pollution as well as dark wizards.'
BWAHAAHHA!!!! That scene never fails to crack me up. Al Gore saying "Moon Worm" and "Harry Potter" makes me smile :)

Enough said ^_~

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