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I have such a kind and understanding family

I don't think so. Adam wanted me to drive him somewhere that required the freeway and mom wasn't planning on going with us. That means I would have drove home alone on the freeway. No, I don't think so Adam, screw you if you think I'll do that. Also, forget you mom. I really like how you refused to come with us. You were in your robe? Gee, I've never driven the freeway alone, I've only driven alone once and driven the freeway twice with my teacher and you want me to do that alone? You refused to get dressed to come with so I felt safe? Thank you for being so nice. So Adam left saying 'thanks for nothing, I'll remember this when you need a favor.'
Gee, and they wonder why I can't stand it when they ask me to drive. I don't like to drive. Period. To be forced is even worse.
Tags: driving, family, rants
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