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And by the grace of god go I into the great unknown

Did any of you ever listen to the For Squirrels? I've been a fan since I first heard them on the radio and saw their video on MTV back in 1995, it was so sad what happened. I have not seen this video since 95' but some parts stuck in my memory, the person falling, the passing trees, and the guitarist and little girl. This really brings back memories. They had such talent.

Sliver from Nirvana, haven't seen this since probably 97'. First saw it on 120 Minutes, yes I remember hehe. He had such beautiful blue eyes but I can't believe I liked his hair, oy! He was cute yes but that hair, omg ewww! I couldn't stand to have my guy have greasy hair like that. Hehe

Diamond Sea by Sonic Youth, this happens to also be my favorite song by them!

Basket Case by Green Day, my favorite video by them! I forgot just how beautiful his eyes were! Personally Tre Cool was always my favorite member hehe, he was also the cutest. I don't like them much anymore, the last album I really like was Nimrod, after that it was just the occasional song.

Stay by Lisa Loeb. I love this song!!! She's so cool and I adore her glasses and her little dress! Such memories!

The Sign by Ace of Base. OMG hahahah!!!! This video is so...I don't know but those guys are cracking me the heck up! I remember this video soooo well!

I'll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men. I love them, looooove this song soooo much! I swooned even then heehee. Do any R&B groups sing about love and emotions anymore? All I hear now is about sex and such and it's labeled R&B and that makes me sad. Are there any groups still like these guys?

Waterfalls by TLC. Loooove this song soooo much! I love this album, it's really the only album I like by them. It's too bad about Lisa (Left-Eye). These women are\were so beautiful and all have awesome voices (Chili's\Sexy's voice is the prettiest in my opinion then I like Lisa's)

Okay that's it, I should point out that I still listen to these songs and these people. I said 'I love this song!' a lot which is stupid because I wouldn't post them if I didn't love the songs, ah well I'm not going to bother editing the post. I'll probably do another one of these video posts because I'm feeling all nostalgic and I like it.
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