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heads down, thumbs up, let's play seven up!

Do you all like my new desktop? I do, it's awesome! I wish that counter could be on Livejournal, only Myspace and that sucks.
That counter is going to drive me absolutely mad after a bit! I'll see it everyday and after a few weeks or months it'll be like 'omg when is this movie going to get here!'
The last month will be torture ;)

Speaking of computers, my computer was as slow as my dog's intelligence so I downloaded some new anti spyware software and almost fainted from all the crap it picked up. It's working a bit better and I un-installed a bunch of crap including Knights of the Old & New Republic. I didn't delete the saved games and I'm not saying those games are crap because I love those games but I need my computer to run faster and I have those games on Xbox so it's not like I need them on the computer as well!
Thanks to imonsie for the help and letting me rant! <33
Speaking of Xbox, there's a Family Guy game coming to PS2! Cool! I hope Stewie is playable.
Got the new Weird Al album yesterday, it's cool. He's a musical genius ;)
I guess that's it.
Tags: computer issues, gaming, i'm a geek
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