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this isn't even going to be in my fandom filter!

Sorry to those who don't care about the books\movies but there's a few people that aren't on my 'fandom filter' who do like the books, just not enough to listen to my fangirl babblings.

Anyway! A milestone in Order of the Phoenix movie history! The first photo! Not of the sets, but of a scene! YES! THE FIRST PHOTO! YES!!! I went into a rabid foaming at the mouth fangirl spree when I saw this photo.

From the first chapter'Dudley Demented'. People who read the book will know the scene, it's the part where he fights off the Dementors with the Patronus charm. Wow, this photo is awesome :]
I'm all fangirly right now!
I changed the photo, this is a slightly smaller version of the high-res shot! More detailed; more yummy!

Dude, while searching for a good mood icon...check out the shirt he's wearing! Check out the shirt he's wearing in the shirt here! Ooooo! I was talking to my best friend\sister Monsie and told her that his shirt looked so damn familier and now I know why! *laughs*
It more then likely isn't the same shirt since he grew taller and out (muscle, eee!) but maybe it's supposed to represent the same shirt? After all, that is supposed to be Dudley's clothes..but his pants are nice and snug so that wouldn't fit the theory..maybe he treated himself to new pants but didn't bother with new shirts. Oh, I know! Maybe those are Dudley's clothes from when he was eleven or something, and Harry finally fits them perfectly, hehe. Of course it could be coincidence but I'd like to think the OotP people made the shirts similar since Dinky Duddydums is a big boy and Harry is supposed to be swimming in his clothes.'s the source of the photo.

Thus ends my rabid foaming at the mouth fangirl post!
Tags: dan radcliffe, fandom, fangirl squee!, harry potter, i'm a geek, ootp, squee!
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