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no pervy subject line to be inserted, just a hot guy post :)

Aren't we lucky, many new photos of Dan are popping up! From Extras and now a photo of him and Emma Watson on the set of Order of the Phoenix accepting an award!
Just one photo but who cares right?

As always, most of the photos I find are taken from the most awesome Mugglenet

If his hair were a little longer it would be like the Prisoner of Azkabon hair which was my favorite Potter!Hair of his :D
Of course I like his hair there anyway, I love his hair all the time of forms of it!

Also, the little insert photos are also found on Mugglenet here.

Lastly, this was fairly...non pervy for a Dan post wasn't it? Hehe, well yeah he's hot there but I'm in an 'oh hum' kind of a mood so..I can't think wicked thoughts about him if I'm in that kind of mood now can I? I must say that Emma looks very strange there, I don't know why, can't put my finger on it...

PS---This was supposed to be locked in my 'fandom filter' but I forgot..but some people liked it who aren't on the filter so I'll keep it. Sorry to those of you that don't give a crap ;P
Tags: dan radcliffe, fandom, squee!
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