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it's the start of the High Holidays

Happy birthday Tom Felton! :)
He's 19!

Tomorrow night the family is coming over...this is where you insert the horror movie sound effects. It will be a mad house, I believe at least 20 people total, possibly more, including my brother! Joy. I'm in the process of cleaning the den for tomorrow night. I'm also hiding a few of my more...special dvds and games (Potter, Flying Circus, X Files series, Zelda, etc). Tonight I'm going to a family friend's, thankfully her sons won't be there. The punks will be in Vegas, they know how much their mom wants them home for this holiday. She doesn't ask much, just wants them home for a handful of holidays. They live at home and this was for a hockey game. They might not be religious like me but do it for you mom! It's only a few days out of the year and it's only freaking dinner!
I can say, that with everything going on I might need to take many breaks tomorrow and possibly tonight (I don't know who will be there tonight). My family is loud and my brother gets on my case if I look moody\broody\sullen. My grandma starts harping on me if I don't look like :D all the time "smile, you look nicer when you smile!". It's not like I'm frowning! There's some things going on that's making me extra emotional, I've been fairly emotional to begin with and this situation isn't helping it. I cry easily to begin with and like I said, this situation doesn't help that. So I'll probably have to escape to my room more then usual and my brother better not give me any shit. It's just been a tough week, I hope tomorrow and tonight goes well.

Best part of this holiday? Apples and honey! *drools*
Tags: birthdays, depression, family, holidays, judiasm, rants
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