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It's that time again

This makes me happy
I heard about this the other day but couldn't find an article.

I've been following this and it's complete bullshit
It makes me so angry!

Floating ocean windmills designed to generate more power

Siblings reunited 65 years after Holocaust
This is incredible and so wonderful.

This pisses me off, I believe they are still doing this with dolphins..not the same thing but similar

Toxic chemical spills in space station

Three states work on Pacific Ocean health

Lions dying in Chandigarh zoo after failed experiment
Warning:a really sad photo.
This makes me so sad and very mad, they didn't stop this experiment until 6 years ago? What the hell? Those poor lions.

Conflict threatens rare Asian mountain sheep

World's oldest webbed bird footprint found in South Korea

Pope's words spark violence

Fawtly Towers relaunched

Two premature babies die of overdoses
That's tragic

Warner announces deal with YouTube

First bionic woman can feel it when people shake her prosthetic hand

A pair of hawks attack more then 100 people in Rio de Janeiro
Tags: animal welfare, environment, global warming, human rights, humanity, news article, world
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