Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

some people just creep me out D:

So the other day was my last day of group. There was one woman who was brand new who made me very uncomfortable.
She would keep interrupting for one thing but that was no big deal, it was just annoying. Whenever somebody talked about a problem she would start making the cross and start to pray! At first we thought she was having a problem and she would reply with "I'm not having a problem, I'm just praying for their problem to go away."
Then because it was my last day I was to talk for a bit...she started to pray for me! By this time one of the therapists said that it was inappropriate to do this in a therapy group and she's right! She replied with "I'm just praying for them!"
I said "I'm not Christian"
"That's okay, nobody's perfect."
Shocked silence. I was too shocked to be insulted, everybody was really shocked! There's another Jew in the group and we exchanged amused\horrified looks.
The therapist finally said to stop..or she would have to leave for the day. She did.
I don't mind if you 'pray for me' and what not..but damn it! For one thing it is really inappropriate to do it in a therapy group, it really is! For another thing, if you are going to do it, do it silently. Don't just start doing the cross like that. For another thing, don't assume everybody is Christian and don't assume that everybody wants you do pray for them!
What she did is the same thing as if some stranger came up to me and said "I will pray for you", to me at least. She was brand new and didn't know the situation of any of us and just started to do this, none of us appreciated it. I guess she did it with good intentions but none of us wanted it.
Like I said, I don't mind when people pray for me even though I am not religious (I'm not sure in the existance of god but I'm spiritual) but..yeah I was very uncomfortable with that.

After group was over the other Jew, Lou, was talking to me about a book of poems he thought I would like. One poem was about a man and a younger woman and she overheard. She exclaimed "She's too young!"
She obviously thought something else and I just know my look was horrified. We talked some more and I wished him luck, poor guy has to put up with her for a few weeks!
She also instigated a hug against my will, you really aren't supposed to force that. I did not appreciate that, I'm not keen on hugs. I don't mind them if I like the person but damn, don't force yourself on me like that!

I have a few more groups that the therapists signed me up for. An anxiety class, assertiveness class (one of the therapists runs that), the follow up to what I just finished that I don't have to go to all the time, and a walking group because a major part of my depression is my weight and they thought this would help me. The walking one starts today (Friday).
Tags: creepy people, omgwtfbbq, rants, therapy group
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