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No interesting subject line! *twiddles thumbs*

Thinking of changing my layout *waits for the gasps to die down*
Yes I might retire my tasty banner..for a while. I refuse to delete it from my folder, I might use it again! It would require getting rid of my mood theme. Again with the gasps? I'll either go with another Potter theme. Wait, that was more of a Dan theme with Potter words huh? Or just a fandom layout but that'll be hard because I'm too impatient to wait for a nice banner\layout with all my lovely fandoms.
So, do any of you lovely ladies (I say ladies because I have hardly any guy friends) know of any Potter mood themes? I have a few but..I don't really want to use them. Also know of any places I could find headers\banners (like my Dan banner)?
Heh, might take a bit to change my layout and I might change my mind. I'm rather attached to my lovely little banner. It's very nice!
Tags: layout, lj
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