Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

A nice large news post for you good people. Haven't done one in awhile!

Steve's death caught on video.
I don't want to see that video.

Superjumbo jet takes test flight
That's a big plane

National zoo shows off three Sumatran tigers
Awww :)

Scientists say lots more dinosaur species yet to be discovered
What do I say? "DUH!" XD

Scientists map canyon below Atlantic

Blaze that kills six children likely caused by candles
This is so sad

Bullet fragments in deer carcasses killing condors
Is this really surprising? This depresses me, these beautiful birds

Texas mayor wants slaughter house shut down
This makes me nauseous

Australian fossil pushes first steps on land back in time
There's a photo of a coelacanth!!

Small prehistoric whale was vicious hunter

Wisconsin zoo euthanasis 46 year old elephant
That's not even old for an elephant :(

Judges say wildlife refuge hunts illegal

Schwarzeneggar ready to sign bill limiting greenhouse gas emissions
Not enough

Summer is getting longer...I could have told you that!

Global warming affects hurricane intensity
That's another duh
Tags: animal welfare, california, environment, global warming, news articles, paleotontology, politics, weather
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