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Question Post I

Question survey still open, still willing to answer questions because I have nothing better to do :)

Questions asked by box_of_sorrows because I threatened him with a frozen salmon.
1. What is your favourite "fast" food?
Um, In & Out is my favorite chain restaurant. However, favorite fast food restaurant overall is Apple Pan, a small hole in the wall here in Los Angeles. The best hickory burgers you will ever find!

2. What is your favourite yet very unhealthy indulgence food?
Fries, well done fries XD

3. All time favourite movie bad-guy to lust after?
Um..that's very hard. Well, Alan Rickman as Snape is very hot. I mean, come on, that black outfit with those black robes billowing behind him and his lovely voice? Mmmm, I'm sure flavored_glass agrees! However, that's been only a few years and you said 'all time' so...let me think some more! Okay I'm not really sure but I can tell you the first bad guy I lusted after! Is that good enough? If it isn't too bad! The first bad guy I lusted over was Julian Sands from the movie Warlock. I was really young when I saw that movie and zomg, I thought he was hot and I found his accent to be sexy. Now that I think of it, he's English! He's from Yorkshire, wow I think I've always had a thing for UK accents :P

4. Name of your first cuddly toy as a child?
Care Bears, Care Bear Cousins, and Glow Worms :D I think the glowworm was my first cuddly toy but I can't be sure.

5. Which of the new/next-gen consoles do you think will be the best in the long run?
Er, possibly Xbox 360 and that Wii thing. PS3 I don't think will do well. I was really looking forward to it but it will just cost so much and the games will cost too much! I was planning on getting it but I doubt I will. I will probably get the Xbox 360. I dunno what else is coming out. I pay more attention to games then the consoles :D

Questions asked by cartoondoggy because she rules and didn't need to be threatened by fish.
1. Have you ever gotten some kind of revenge or played a prank on your brother?
Hee, yes. One April Fools I taped saran wrap across the kitchen entrance (no door, just a hole in the wall basically). It was at night and the lights were out. I also tied up some pans on a string from the ceiling (there was a light fixture there so the strings had a secure dangly hook thing). Called Adam to come into the kitchen. All was good with the world for one blissful moment until he started to scream. It was April Fools Day so he couldn't bitch too much ;) He was basically covered in saran wrap and he collided with the pans.

2. What movie makes you cry like a baby?
Disney movies will never fail to make me bawl like a baby; Dumbo, Bambi, Lion King, etc. Heh, I also cry when Jack dies in Titanic and when Samuel dies in Legends of the Fall. Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, etc etc. Oh! Cast Away makes me cry, poor little volley ball! It doesn't take much to make me cry, I'm very emotional and movies really get me. I'm one of those people that easily cry in a movie!

3. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
Hah, Fever Lake sucked so bad! Also Cinderella II...those two stand out as being so terrible that I gave away my dvds. I probably have some more but those two really really sucked. But I saw those recently so I can't say about the worst I've ever seen, my memory sucks ;p

4. If you could have any super power other than flying, what would it be?
To teleport anywhere!

5. Biggest regret in life?
Probably not accomplishing more. I still have time though...

Like my new icon? box_of_sorrows found that for me!
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