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Well the medication I'm on the for the Bronchitis is completely screwing with my stomach. I kept thinking I was starving, my stomach would keep growling and I had hunger pangs. At the same time I had no appetite and didn't want to eat. So yesterday for dinner I made myself some toast just to satisfy my stomach figuring it was light and not 30 minutes after the damn growling started again...the 'no eating for two days so you're starving' kind of hunger pains. I figured...okay...this is not hunger I'm feeling, this is obviously a messed up stomach. Since this happened after I started the medication, it obviously has something to do with that. It says on the bottle to take it with a small meal or crackers if it upsets my stomach so I did, but it didn't help. I guess I'm just overly sensitive to it. I'll call the pharmacy tomorrow about it..well today actually. Oh, I'm taking Erythromycin by the way, an old medication.
So on top of those horrible stomach pains I have cramps and a heavier then normal monthly, I'm usually heavy so that's just torture. I have no qualms mentioning my monthlies since I think I have like...2 male LJ friends. I usually get nasty cramps and with the Bronchitis it seems they are worse, joy! XD

Anway I didn't go to group yesterday, I just couldn't think of sitting through that for three hours. I would be running to the bathroom all the time and would be in too much pain in my stomach and below my stomach to pay attention. Not to mention the headaches that my coughing produces.
I have..well had a therapy appointment today but I cancelled. I'm sure my therapist will call wanting me to come in dispite the Bronchitis. Forget that, I refuse. I need to go to group on Friday and if that is to happen I need to take it easy, going to therapy today is asking for trouble. My body will say 'you suck!' and then give me hell.

Heh, I'm counting the days till Wicked tickets go on sale for the LA production. I can't wait! I have a few people that want to see it and hopefully I'll get to go with them..if I only get to go three times I'll be very happy. Yes I know I saw it already and I'm seeing it in NYC but I don't care! I can see it again and again! Just like I can see Phantom again and again and I can see Lion King again and the movie that is. I haven't see the musical yet...I will be in December though! That reminds me, imonsie, talk to Justin about what date you might want to see it on. Look at the Pantages site at the dates that have 3 tickets available in the price range you are willing to go for. Remember that all seats are good there. Let me know and I'll head over to the box-office! No service charge that way (Ticketmaster sucks!).

Okay I have a few new LJ friends so I'm going to do that age old meme\survey. Ask me five question, any five questions and I shall answer! Not just the new people, you old timers too! Heh, try to keep it above NC-17 please *bats eyelashes*
I expect questions people, give me questions or I shall fling fish at you! You know I will *gets her fish slingshot ready* >}}}(*>
Tags: group therapy, lj friends, monsie, sick, surveys, theater, wicked, womanly problems, zomg!fish
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