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the joys of the human body

I actually got to sleep at 10:30ish last night! I was just so drained yesterday. The coughing wasn't as bad as usual yesterday but still, I was just very drained. Still, 10:30! Even when drained I never go to bed that early, wow.
I'm on a medication that I have to take every eight hours until the bottle is empty. I took it last night and had to wake up at 6am to take again. I did wake up and went back to sleep. I have to take it again at 2 and then at 10 and so on.
I don't know if I'm going to go to group tomorrow. The doctor said that it's contagious but only if I cough on somebody and don't cover my mouth. I always cover my mouth and nose...will I be okay? If I feel like I did yesterday morning I'm not going. I might not have been coughing that much yesterday but I felt like crap, nauseous with a terrible pounding headache. Ick
My appetite has also gone up but I don't want to eat. I hate when that happens, when your stomach is eating itself yet you don't want to eat! I'm drinking water, lots of it but I don't want to eat solids yet my stomach is telling me to. Bah. It feels like Michael Flatly is dancing in my stomach X__X
Heh, not only that but I'm having bad cramps from that time of the month. JOY!!! :D :D :D /sarcasm

Not really feeling sorry for myself because I'm actually feeling okay right now, just had to rant XD

I had a funny dream last night. I was vacationing in Egypt and I was shopping in Cairo. My hotel was down in Karnak. Well I couldn't figure out how to get back to Karnak so I went to a little fort outside the city and contacted Winston from The Mummy to fly me back to my hotel. It was amusing. :P
Tags: dreams, sick
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