Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I hope I can sleep tonight

I've been having a chronic cough for the past....two and a half weeks at least. It's torture, terrible horrible torture. You know how when you have those chronic coughs it leads to throbbing headaches? Well yeah I got that a week ago and that hasn't left, it used to be on one side of the head and now it's across the forehead and on the other my whole head throbs. Joy. I'm also nauseous from it and some of the coughing get so bad I feel like I'm going to vomit from it.
My uvula (thing in the back of the throat) and the rest of the back of my throat has small red spots, burst blood vessels I'm sure from the pressure of all this coughing It isn't a problem with my tonsils because those have been gone for a few years now.
Tomorrow...well today, after my group therapy, mom will take me to urgent care. Actually in the morning and after it's family care, it's just where you can come in and be seen without an appointment. It's where I went with Scabbers bit me (older friends will remember that...I still have slight nerve damage from that bite).
I thought at first this was an allergy but I've been taking allergy medication for it with no relief..none. Usually even if it doesn't go away entirely I get a little relief from my allergies, nothing at all this time. None, so I don't think it's allergies. I hope it isn't anything serious X_x
I think the coughing induced headache as messed with my brain..that could have caused the strangness behind the cut...but I needed the laugh. Of course laughter causes more coughing. It was worth it though.


>}}}(*> blub


>}}}(*> wuz up?



YUM! FISH!>*){{{<
Tags: allergies, i'm a geek, insanity, sick, zomg!fish
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