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The plans are set in motion and the stones keep on rolling

I'll be in New York the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th of November with weaselses. We got a room in Lexington and Park. I got the tickets for Wicked and we'll be seeing a matinee on Saturday. I'll actually be flying out of LAX at 1:10am, fun! I'm not being sarcastic. My flight in has a stop in Houston for a little over a hour around 5ish but that doesn't bother me, I can have breakfast.

The flight home is non-stop which makes me happy. Flights to my destination having stops don't bother me but I really want them to be non-stop when going home because...I wanna be home! Hehe.
You know how tempted I'll be to start singing Elphaba and Glinda's line from 'One Short Day' when I see New York, even though I've already been there? Hee!
Cameras and iPods are allowed on planes and since I'm more worried about cameras, that makes me a happy potato.

That said, I want pizza.
Tags: nyc vacation, random, wicked
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