Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Friday has been a wonderful day dispite SPOs!

So yes, I got my Wicked tickets in the mail! Not only that, but Monsie, who's fine (wee!) found out from yours truly that Lion King (which I had tickets for for weeks) will be here in a few months and I checked out the Pantages for her. We might go together, that will be fun since she's moving to Arizona (sad face). While looking I looked at the ticked announcment section for Wicked hoping they had the date and they finally did!
October 30th at 10am!
It's 1:30am, do you know where Sara is?
Camping out on Hollywood Blvd, that's where!

I'm going to be getting tickets for soooo many shows! Boy, that's going to put a dent in my wallet. Eek! I'm just glad I have some earnings so it won't effect my New York trip, more details on that once everything is squared away.

Speaking of theater. I think..I brainwashed Monsie. She actually said she 'wants' to see Wicked! So I'm going to try my damdest to get tickets for us to go together. That is a goal ;p

Lastly, I love my Kermit icon. I really sums up my mood.

Tags: i'm a geek, squee!, theater, wicked
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