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I have a sore throat from all my coughing D:

Weeee! She im'd me last night, she's fine but loopy. I was so happy to see her im's when I logged on today and did a jig :D
To make things even better, I went and checked the mail and something came from FedEx, a thin envelope addressed to me. My pulse was rushing, my head was reeling, my face was flushing, what was that feeling? Fervid as a flame, does it have a name? Yes!
Okay, I have gone officially mad :D

By the way, if the image above is too big let me know and I'll put it behind a cut. Isn't he a cute little fishy?

Ugh, there's a girl in my group I had to bite my lip from getting into an argument with. This group isn't about judgment so I kept my mouth shut. Today we were discussing what we would do this weekend that's good for ourselves and to help ourselves. I said I would do something out of the house, maybe finally see that exhibit on the bog people at the museum, I've been wanting to see it. Anyway, she said her thing. She's an extreme animals right fanatic. She says she stays in the house because she doesn't want to be around 'evil people'. When asked why people are evil she said 'anybody that eats animals or wears animals or uses anything that required animal testing is evil.' Um, she takes medication that was produced by medical animal testing (only animal testing I support but I'm not going to get into debate on my journal!). Anyway! She called us evil. 'I think you are all evil, but I don't hate you!'. Um, k O.o One of the counselors asked if she was a part of any groups. 'Yeah, I'm a member of PeTA. 'Do you go to any of their get together?' Just so you know, I kinda laughed in my head at the term 'get togethers'. She said 'yes, I go to their protest ralleys at the restraunts where they serve meat.' At this point, if I were at a desk, my head would be connecting with it. PeTA *shudders*

Anyway, the next part really took the cake. She has two dogs, a german shepherd and a rottie\dobie\pitty mix. Now, I have nothing against shepherds, I had one! I love those doggies, lovely dogs! I also have nothing against the three breeds that make up her mutt, I love dobie and rotts. I think dobies are sweet things as well as rotts but I couldn't handle a rott, I don't have the will for such a strong tempered dog. As for pitts, I do like them, but like a rott, I couldn't handle one. Nothing against them though, they can be absolutely wonderful dogs if they have an owner that trains them well! Shepherds need a strong owner too, I was young when we had one and was exposed to one so I think I could handle one again. Anyway, that's besides the point! They asked her if she took the dogs to any shows. Not AKC shows, just shows for fun! 'No, I don't believe in making dogs perform tricks for our amusement.' 'Do you train your dogs?' 'No, that also makes them perform stupid tricks for my amusement. I let them do what they want.'

By this time I had to speak up, I was just biting my lip the whole time (I'm surprised it didn't bleed!)
'Have you given them basic training? To sit, stay, leash train, social training around people and other dogs? Food training and such?'
'Why should they? That's how we as humans want them to behave, that's not their natural behavior. My dogs don't get walked on a leash, leashes are cruel!'
'So if your dog sees another dog it will just run to the other dog even if that dog is on the other side of the street?'
'Yes, it has that right.'

Um....Gee for an animal lover I think she's...not a good pet owner. At least my brother is trying, believe it or not! He rushes home from work to walk his dog and he took it to the vet (finally). He got a groomer (ours). Blah blah

Wow, some people.

Oh, in case there are any PeTA members reading my journal, I don't think all PeTA members are nuts, but I think the organization as a whole is nuts. ;)

There's a hoax going around saying that tomorrow night Mars will be as big and bright as the moon to the naked eye. Um, no, sorry it won't be. That sucks that people do that. If Mars were that close I would figure that would really screw with our tides O.o

Speaking of planets, I forgot to post this news article, I'm sure some of you already read this.
Pluto demoted to 'dwarf planet' status
Poor Pluto, always the underdog planet =\

Tornadoes hit upper plains">
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