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*babble babble babble* - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983
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Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 02:34 am
*babble babble babble*

It's been 24 hours since I've posted last! That's a long time for me, so I'm letting you know that I was abducted by a school of angry fish or something.

I had another group therapy session yesterday, I've had a few of them I just never mention them. I promised myself I would go with an open mind and I did. I do like them, some of it is silly but it's nice to talk to other people about things and we have conversations. Yesterday the normal female counselor wasn't there and the director of the program filled in for her. OMG I did not like her! She starts out with 'how are you today? I just want to let you know that you are not alone with your depression and the first step in helping yourself is to know that you are not abnormal.' Um, what?! All of us in the group know we aren't alone, yeah some people do think that but none of us do! Plus, she could have said it a bit less condescending! We aren't babies! I'm the youngest one there! Somebody mentioned that they went to church despite feeling bad and she said 'well there you go, why don't all of you go to your place of worship each week?'. A woman asked 'well what about if you're atheist or agnostic?'
She replied with 'well I can't say that you should find religion but you should find a spiritual connection within yourself because that will help with depression.</i> Um, she was kinda...yeah myself as well as that woman were kinda offended. Whatever, she said some other stuff. Next time I go there I plan on mentioning it to the normal lady (Julie) who's cool.

I'm getting everything settled for New York. I called my timeshare company yesterday who helped me find some hotels, their sister company RCI had nothing available. I found a few hotels that were okay so I'll be reserving a room today for two..weaselses and I. Then at the same time I'll get my plane ticket, it'll be $10 cheaper if I get the tickets through them, it will be Delta and not JetBlue. Oh well, not big deal. I have ridden Delta and I do know their seats are wide. Anybody ridden JetBlue? If so, how wide are their seats? Ugh, I hate my arse, it makes me so damn self conscience :(
So after all that I will be calling the Gershwin Theater to find out about any tickets for Wicked for the 10th or 11th $120 or under for any seats. It would suck if Lesley sees it for the first time in Upper Mezz but you can from there...I will just bring my binoculars (Lesley, bring a pair if you have them!). I would prefer lodge or lower mezz but those are more in the $140 range and they are probably sold out, I'm realistic ;)

If I can't get tickets for the 10th or 11 I'll ask about the 9th...if I can't get any for that I'll cry a little..not so much for me but for her because I love to spread the joy of this musical. It'll be coming her next year for nearly a year and I plan on seeing it a crap load of times so I have nothing to worry about! So if we can't get tickets I'll have to look into other shows. I just hope we get tickets for the 10th or 11th and not the 9th because we will both be tired, her from a 4-5 hour drive (traffic and such) and me from running around LAX and JFK and the 5 hour flight! Eeek! Heh, maybe we'll nap if we see it that night. I can just see it now. We meet at the hotel and go up to the room and nap. No proper greetings until after the musical...I guess we would grab a bite to eat before the show. Hee. Then I'll be so hyper and wired from the travel (I love planes!) and from the musical that I'll be bouncing! I'm very predictable, poor Lesley will want to commit murder by the end of the night *snickers*
Okay I just went off and completely babbled didn't I? If I were talking out loud I would be talking really fast :)

I'm done! Be glad this wasn't a phone post, you would have not understood a word I said :D

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Box Of Sorrows
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 09:54 am (UTC)

It wasn't a shoal of tomato soup guppies was it? You have to watch for those, they're rare and elusive but can be dangerous when they are in numbers. Always check your soup for them. ;-)

Internet is being weird for me from work today, I'm under a deluge of work anyway so it's not so bad I guess.

Agent 27
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 09:57 am (UTC)

Nope, not them! I'm not sure but they sure seemed pissed!

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Box Of Sorrows
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 09:58 am (UTC)

But now that you've caused that to spring to mind, I've got to wade through all the old Garfield books we've got dotted around the house to find that exact strip and howl at it again! :-D

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Box Of Sorrows
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 10:00 am (UTC)

.... and now I've also just remembered the mutant guppies from Orsons Farm!!!

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Jessi (Yoda to some)
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 02:34 pm (UTC)

lol, you definitely don't need binoculars to see Wicked from the mez in NY! The Gershwin is the biggest theatre on Broadway, but believe me, it's really small compared to the types of places it tours in. There is not a single bad seat in the house (except the partial view seats right on the sides of the orchestra). And in fact, I would go so far as to say that the mez is probably the best place to sit in the Gersh, because you get a really nice, full view of the stage. Plus, it means when Elphie flies you get a great view!

I've ridden JetBlue but I don't really remember their seats...but I think I might remember them if they were much different from Deltas maybe..? I'm not sure.

..and this might be a silly question, but what month is it you're going?

Agent 27
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 09:48 pm (UTC)

From the very back? The rear mezz seats? Really? That's awesome! I saw something at the Gerswhin when I was there last but..my memory is so bad (group therapy says memory loss like that can be from the depression)
Well, I take binocs even to the Pantages when we have awesome seats so I can see their faces up close so I'll do that a least once for each character. But that's awesome that we really don't need them! Now I want to get those tickets more then ever! I can't wait to see Defying Gravity again, I think Julia Murney was having a bad night, she was good but she just didn't hold those two long notes at the end and that really dissapointed me. I actually let out a moan, I still applauded like mad because I was great but still.

I'm going November 9-12th. I'll be flying in on the 8th, leaving real late and getting in at 5am on the 9th (if I take JetBlue) and leaving around 6ish on the 12th. If I take Delta it will be a different schedule but 9-12 will stay the same :D

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Jessi (Yoda to some)
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 09:53 pm (UTC)

Ya! Broadway theatres are pretty small, so most of them you can get seats anywhere and see fine.

Of course, once you get there, you can always try to win lottory (it is nuts for Wicked though, like..NUTS) to get front row seats, and then scalp your other ones.

I'd get your tickets ASAP though, Wicked sells out super early.

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Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 11:30 pm (UTC)

The Pinchy episode of the Simpsons just started and I thought of you. XD

Agent 27
Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006 11:41 pm (UTC)

Pinchy for president!

I don't have tv anymore...or I should be specific. I don't have access to channels. We have the big boob tube, we have a dvd player, we have a vcr, we have a satellite dish. We just haven't renewed sattlite :P
I can't wait for that season to go on sale!

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