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I'm beautifully tragic

Monsie rules! I'm changing the rattie girl's names since they don't respond (they are smart though, they respond to the kissy 'come here' noise). So I asked her what I'm naming the black bareback. After a pathetic attempt at 'Kissy' (psh, as if!), she said 'Elphaba?'
Let us all give Monsie a standing ovation for guessing that on the first serious try and let us throw her roses and some cod and perhaps some mackeral? *applauds*
Yes, Galinda is more bubbly and Elphie is the licky rat..but I like Elphie better so there! *sticks tongue out*
The other one will either be Galinda or Nessarose, haven't decided.
Tags: elphie, friends, i'm a geek, monsie, my rats, zomg!fish
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