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haven't used this icon in a bit!

I've been having trouble getting on my nice shiny new DSL so I called tech support and after I said my number it said it wasn't activated yet...oops! XD should be on by 8pm tonight, joy! After I am sure it's working properlly, and I know my email on that account is working well I can un-install my dial-up. I signed up my DSL should be but if it changes after I'm finalized, I'll mention it. Celebrations are in order once I'm free of dial-up! I've been on dial-up since the dawn of my internet days. I've had good days and bad days...mostly good but I am just so sick of it now, it's time I move up in the world of the internet :P

Also, why does my Semagic say 'internet' is spelled wrong?! O.o
Tags: dsl
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