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Q. 1) What Are You Listening To Right Now?

Q. 2) How Did You Learn About That Artist/Band?
It's a musical for one thing. Okay, I grew up on the Oz books and I adored the Witch from the movie (she was my second favorite character after the Scarecrow). I heard about the book after the musical came out..but I didn't hear about the musical until after I read the book. I adored the book but I didn't hear about the musical until last year and finally got the album last Winter. Finally saw it a few weeks ago (it's coming to LA next year for nearly a full year!)

Q. 3) Who Is Your Favorite Band/Artist?
I can't answer that

Q. 4) How Many Band Shirts Do You Have?
About 20

Q. 5) How Many Concerts Have Youve Been To?
Not including musicals, the Hollywood Bowl, operas, etc? About 10

Q. 6) Any Upcoming Concerts? List Them
Er, only Hollywood Bowl :D

Q. 7) Whats Your Favorite Song At This Very Moment?
Um, I have no idea...Defying Gravity from Wicked most likely.

Q. 8) What Is Your Favorite Venue?
I love the Hollywood Bowl for music and for theater I love the Pantages Theater

Q. 9) Dream Band/Artist To See Live?
Well I saw my dream group last year (U2) and I also saw Pearl Jam this year so I don't know. Oh I know, to go to London and see Idina Menzel as Elpeba in Wicked but that won't be happening =\

Q. 10) Farthest Place Youve Traveled To See A Band/Artist?
San Diego to see Wicked recently and Staples Center to see U2 (San Diego is 2 hours and Staples Center is not far depending on traffic since I'm also in Los Angeles)

Q. 11) Concert You're Dying To Go To?
Who's playing?

Q. 12) Do You Have A Concert Buddy(ies)?
Not really, I wish I did :(

Q. 13) Have You Ever Met A Band/Artist Person?
Dave Grohl, Dexter Holland, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Michael Crawford (theater)

Q. 14) How Many Autographs Do You Have? List Them.
Michael Crawford, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth

Q. 15) Have You Ever Been In A Mosh Pit?
No and I don't have any plans to.

Q. 16) Have You Ever Crowd Surfed?
Don't want to

Q. 17) Have Youve Ever Seen A Band/Artist Out In Public? What Did You Do?
Yea, I do live in Los Angeles, it's not rare for me to spot celebrities. I don't bother doing anything really..I don't spot anybody I actually would care to meet :(

Q. 18) Have Youve Seen An Band/Artist In Concert More Then Five Times?
I saw the Foo Fighters twice and Sonic Youth twice

Q. 19) Have Youve Ever Given A Present To A Band/Artist?
I've probably sent some groups stuff when I was a young teen

Q. 20) Are You On Any Band/Artist Message Boards?
Not anymore, I'm on some theater boards though

Q. 21) Do You Have More Then 100 Photos From Concerts?
Not over 100, but I do have photos from the U2 concert

Q. 22) Whats The Longest Youve Waited Outside For A Concert?
I don't really remember, I'm too busy reading a book :P

Q. 23) Do You Save Your Concert Tickets As A Memorabilia?
Yeah. I'm lame, I also save plane tickets, movie tickets, etc

Q. 24) Do You Start A Countdown For Your Concerts?
No, I have them marked on my calender. My next concert is a video game live at the Hollywood Bowl then John Williams at the same place :)

Q. 25) Do You Buy Merchandise At Concerts?
Yeah even though you can usually get that stuff on Amazan XD

Q. 26) What Was The Last Concert You Went To?
Pearl Jam was the last concert and Wicked was the last performance

Q. 27) Would You Buy Tickets To See A Band/Artist You Like Even If They Were The Opening Act And You Didn't Like The Headliner?
Yah, I just wouldn't really show up for the headliner.

Q. 28) Whats The Most You Spent On A Ticket?
$330 for two Wicked tickets (ick!)

Q. 29) Who's The Best Performer You Have Seen Live?
U2 and Pearl Jam were equally awesome. Wicked was awesome but it isn't the same as a concert.
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