Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Elphie, you have to let the little girl go, and her dog Dodo!

Look what I got!!!

Ain't it the truth? I got it at a little store called Dorothy's. It's located in West Hollywood in a great restaurant called 'The French Quarter', I love that place! Dorothy's has a major Wizard of Oz selection all the time but they had no Wicked stuff this time, the cashier said they'll get some in pretty soon, like a few days so I gotta catch a bus down there to pick some stuff up! I love that restaurant and that store, everybody is so damn friendly and the stuff they sell is so great! They got some great pins amongst other things.


My default (well, the one I use the most) away message on Yahoo messenger is flying monkey related and flying monkeys win so I just had to get it. Even as a kid I loved the Wicked Witch, my favorite character in the movie was the Scarecrow (I was so happy with his role in the Wicked musical..don't ask if you don't know, not telling!) but the Witch was my second favorite, I always was like 'nooo don't melt her!' XD I also didn't think she was terribly ugly, she's just unique!!
You saw her through Dorothy's eyes so to a little girl that this green woman is terrorizing, she would be an ugly creature XD
I was more into the book then the movie actually, I've loved the Oz books since before I could remember, I adored those books! I did love the movie though, I just loved the books more. I did a teeny squee when I saw the saw horse in the musical. Any Oz book fan would know what I'm talking about :)

I did love Judy Garland's hair in that movie though, I want that hair so much!
Tags: books, childhood, fandom, i'm a geek, wicked
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