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Figures they would get a high maintenance dog as a first dog

My brother and his wife adopted a dog the other day, yes they did. It's not a teeny tiny white fluffy puppy wuppy just being weaned. I nearly died of shock when I heard what they did get; a six year old black llasa apso. Of course their first dog would a dog that is high maintenance. This dog will need daily grooming and their coats should not be cut, they should be cut long. I bet they'll get their coats cut. Supposedly the dog is sweet and friendly but has 'some mild food agression'. Oh joy, Chaos had food aggression as a puppy and Adam did nothing about it. He dumped that dog on it after he outgrew the apartment (Chaos was husky\malamute\saymoyed and my brother was surprise?!). 'Oh Chaos isn't aggressive, he'll grow out of it, blah blah blah'. I bet Elena will find the little dog growling and snapping cute and when they have company with kids....well...goodbye dog! I'm pretty cynical when it comes to my brother and animals, who knows, they might be wonderful dog owners but to me he'll always be a bad dog owner for how badly he screwed up with Chaos.
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