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My rats are running the wheel side by side

Ceasefire agreed for Monday

I've been having some computer issues, I keep thinking it's going to explode. Any minute a little mushroom cloud will come out from the back of the computer tower. I'm seriously thinking of getting DSL, Verizon is having a deal on it so yay for that. I should check it out. I've been on dial-up my whole internet life but I do know what I'm missing, I've never been on a computer with cable (that I know of) but I know how good DSL is and my dial-up recently is just sooooo terrible! Ugh, so yeah, I'm going to check into it.

Looking into classes, joy.

I'm seriously looking into going to NYC in November. A friend will be there before heading over the Pond to study abroad so I would like to meet\hang with her before she goes. Plus I haven't been to NYC in so many years, that would be fun. So I have to earn a little bit of money for that, go to work with mom.

I had a lovely time with my friend yesterday, watched a movie and listened to some music..I shoved some Wicked down her throat :]
I wanted to see how fast mugglenet loaded on her computer because it takes nearly two minutes to load on took about 10 seconds! So, I saw that there was a new photo of Dan on Mugglenet and clicked it. I think I traumatized my friend when I saw it. She knows I'm nuts about him but that was the first time she's been with me when I've seen a new photo for the first time. I squeed over it and she was scared for my sanity.
Oh, and just because I said I would and because it's's an obligatory squee...

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