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Only the dedicated (or lame) would do what I just did

OMG, I've been sitting hunched over the computer for hours! Okay, so I'm usually at the computer for hours but usually not this tensed up and hunched! So...most...more then most, 90% of these chapters are not labeled and if they are they are labeled 'Chapter 1'. Also, they are almost always broken up into 4 separate tracks. In Chamber of Secrets the Polyjuice Potion chapter had 5 tracks. Sometimes the original chapter, where he says 'chapter blah' actually has the chapter number, sometimes it doesn't. However, all the other titles have names like "VHAZH" and they almost always out of order! I could have...Harry getting hit by the rogue bludger as the 30th track on the COS playlist and track 31 will be Dobby's warning to Harry not to go back to Hogwarts! So what is my point? Let me break it down.
A. Chapters aren't titled
B. Chapters are broken up into multiple tracks
C. Tracks aren't in order

Basically I need to figure out what the heck I'm hearing and what chapter it is...and where it goes! I heard 'Harry saw Ron and Hermione down at the stands. Aren't you done yet Harry? Ron called. We haven't even started yet, Harry replied. Wood's going to show us some moves!' I said to myself 'okay, that's the mudblood\slugs chapter and that's in the beginning but since that was the very first part of the track I knew it was the second track of the chapter so I had to find the first track. Get where I'm going? So yea, I did get some help from the books but I mostly did that on my own, it was fairly easy just extremely time consuming. I'm a dedicated fangirl!

So I'm finally finished, I decided not to rename all the chapters at the moment, just to upload them under the right playlist (HP&COS, HP&POA for example) and make sure they are in the proper order. I'll rename them later when it feels like I'm not being stabbed with a hot poker in the middle of my shoulder blades.

Oh, here's the rundown of the audiobooks!

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's\Philosopher's Stone
Tracks: 18
Time: 8:05:31

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets
Tracks: 77
Time: 9:30:42
Space: 261.6MB

Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Athabaskan
Tracks: 22
Time: 11:43:18
Space: 322.1MB

Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire (oy vey)
Tracks: 275
Time: 20:33:59
Space: 566.3MB

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix(EEK!!)
Tracks: 39
Time: 1:03:09:13
Space: 789MB

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
Tracks: 30
Time: 18:33:58
Space: 510:2MB

Yeah, a lot XD

ok, the urge to kill is rising...I was about to post this. Started to upload this to my other iPod but stopped and said 'why?'. So, I go and look at my U2 iPod, it's wiped...clean. It is...clean. Forty. Days. Of. Songs...gone. It is just so damn lucky I have them on my computer or I would be in such a damn fucking rage. I hate, dispise, loath the word 'fuck' and hardly use it so..yah I am very pissed. I'm this eerie calm rage. I'll upload the most important stuff first (Wicked) and work from there.
iPod users, is there a way to recover my songs without uploading from scratch? If not...well...I'll just shriek into a pillow.
Tags: audiobooks, fandom, harry potter, i'm a geek, ipod, omgwtfbbq, rage
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