Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Loathing truly, deeply! Loathing you my whole life long!

Bill would help study of ancient remains

This issue has been really bothering me, they would shoot the wolves from helicopters! Score one for us and the wolves :)

Some in Cali seek ice to ease crunch

I've been to this zoo and I was so pissed off when I went there</i>
I remember seeing the big cats in these concrete cages that reminded me of those old zoos of the Victorian times, those cats looked so depressed. Those animals should be sent to other zoos where they can be cared for properly. The Brookfield Zoo is a great zoo (also Chicago), send them there! Send them to the San Diego Zoo, that's the best zoo in the country!

Feds agree to review rare Nevada butterfly

Physicist James Van Allen dies at 91

Los Angeles robberies rise on tide of iPod thefts
This is why I use an arm holster for mine, won't completely stop it but it would take a little longer.

Forecasters say 50-50 chance weak El Nino will develop

Duchovny speaks of X-Files revival
There's been rumors of a second film for years! *insert fangirl squee*
Tags: animal rights, california, environment, fandom, los angeles, nature, news articles, weather
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