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So, it went okay. The people were nice but a little condescending. Giving us tips on how to control anger that I knew about and that 'this is a good program to learn that intelligent and articulate people can be depressed.' Um, I know depression isn't limited to a certain set of people, I know some people might not know that but that was strange to me.
It was okay though. The psychiatrist tinkered with my medication so now I'm off the Ambien which is fine because it wasn't working. I've been on but the Lamictil but I took some of these during puberty and my body was really out of whack then. Anyway, I'm taking 50m Topomax twice daily, 50mg Trazadone and I have to work up to 2 tablets every night, 75mg Wellbutrin taken once a day, and 100mg of Lamictal taken every night. I've taken more drugs at one time then this, I just hate 'relying' on medication. It makes me kinda feel like a failure then when my mood and depression is stable and I know it's from drugs, it makes me feel bad. I like taking medication for headaches and cramps. Medication isn't a magical elixir, but it can help you stabilize enough to get of a deep enough funk just long enough to go 'ya know, I don't want this, I want help'. But anyway, it's not a cure all, it just helps a bit. I hope this helps me.
Had a vets appointment next, shots. Joy. I fell asleep on the couch when we got home (6ish) and just recently got up (it's 8:30). I hope I'm not up all night x_x
Tags: cats, group thearpy, medication, sleeping problems
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