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Free the muffins!

This link is to make up for the bugs of DOOM
Gorgeous siamese mama and kittens. Mystery and Mr. Scrooge (RIP) are\were part siamese and you could tell when they speak to you. One day I will have a siamese...from a siamese rescue, they are one of my favorite cat breeds..I also want a hairless kitty and a whole bunch of others! I just want kitties, I wuv kitties.
Oh, I must warn you, anybody with a heart condition shouldn't click because you will die of the cute!

scaredykatratz: *gets link*
scaredykatratz: you will squee
scaredykatratz: then die
scaredykatratz: then revive
scaredykatratz: and squeee again
scaredykatratz: -_-
Monsie: X_________X
scaredykatratz: a photo worth saving for Justin
Monsie: no more me.
Monsie: kkthxbye.
scaredykatratz: haha
scaredykatratz: seriously
Monsie: lol
scaredykatratz: CLEAR!
Monsie: he'd take the whole freakin' litter. I'd be TEMPTED to, but he'd do it. he is worse than me, I'm serious.
Monsie: sacrifical love for kitties, which is good
Monsie: I'm not complaining
Monsie: I fear we'll have 40 cats though
Monsie: lol
scaredykatratz: haha seriously
scaredykatratz: I meant to take one cat
scaredykatratz: but I took two -_-
Monsie: yeah lol
Monsie: I are dead
Monsie: no more monsiere
scaredykatratz: poor Monsie
scaredykatratz: *throws fish on grave*
Monsie: thank you
Monsie: lol
scaredykatratz: I laughed when I typed that
scaredykatratz: the mac and cheese seeped into my brain
scaredykatratz: I can just picture me throwing a fish onto a grave -_x
Monsie: lol
Monsie: you're supposed to be mourning a valuable loss!
Monsie: hahaha j/k
scaredykatratz: I know
scaredykatratz: that's why I shall...
scaredykatratz: throw a...
scaredykatratz: um....
scaredykatratz: *thinks*
scaredykatratz: what's a good fish
Monsie: hmmm
scaredykatratz: catfish XD
scaredykatratz: irony
Monsie: rofl!!!
scaredykatratz: thy name is Sara
Monsie: oh my word
scaredykatratz: <<<lame!
Tags: baby animals, cats, friends, i'm a geek, im conversations, monsie
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