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The artichoke is steamed

That's funny, how long do you think this will last?

yodallama, if you and Sami come next summer we should see Wicked! That would be swankified! It would be cool for you to come to LA and see a musical at the Pantages which is an old theater in West Hollywood, it's in the tourist area like the star sidewalk :] Ok, I'll shut up now :D

box_of_sorrows, since you keep sending me little trinkets, I got off my arse and went to Coffee Bean..well I went there for a drink but I got you a powder mix. I got two mixes and I plan on keeping the flavor you don't want. Do you want vanilla or mocha? Both are good and seeing as how I'm not a vanilla person, me saying the vanilla is good is saying something! Of course, you've had the mocha so you know that's awesome. You can choose either since I have easy access to the stuff :]

I'm going back to school, going to take an art class, and look into what kind of classes I can take to get into working in the theater (set design etc). Will also take the normal classes; history, math (eew), etc. Probably 5 classes tops. All I know is that I have two possible life career goals. I used to have three that included photography but I'd rather just enjoy amateur photography and not really make a career out of it. Nah, I want my work to involve either animals or theater since I've always been interested in the two.

Lastly, I need a new default, any suggestions?
Tags: friends, goals, school, theater, wicked
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