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the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout

I was out cleaning by the house and got bit or stung. It might have been a spider or something. I kept an eye on it, made sure it didn't swell or even get inflammed. Also kept an eye...well a brain on my body to see if my headache (had one before) didn't worsen, or if my eyesight didn't worsen (my eyesight sucks), or if a bad taste didn't come into my mouth, etc etc. Nothing. It itches but it isn't even inflammed. I cleaned it out and put some topical cream that's for stings and bites on it. Could be a flea bite since it looks like it.
*Is freaked out*

There was a widow nest which I destroyed, didn't kill the widow because I didn't see it. I think it was a widow nest because when I destroyed it, it sounded like paper burning in fire (crackling) and I read a widow nest sounds like that.
Have you S. CA (especially LA) residents noticed the increase in spiders this summer? Especially large red ones? I've seen so many spiders this summer, more then any other summer!

Almost being bitten by a widow, and in the daytime, freaked me out. I know they are less dangerous now then they were because of advance medicine (they are still harmful to the elderly and young) and such but I would have been too freaked to drive and mom is on a friend's boat right now. My neighbors aren't home, I would have driven but I dunno if I would have gotten to Kaiser safely. I'd rather be bitten by a widow then a hobo or recluse though, of course those aren't in S. Cal so I don't have to worry about that.

I'm just glad I'm nearly done with that area, I have one more bag I believe of trash then I'm going to move all my cages to the rat room and move the plastic furniture to the Sukkah (something we eat in during a Jewish holiday..coming up actually). Then I'll try to get one of our hoses out over there and hose it down. I also saw lots of centipedes (I was wary around those guys), earthworms, crickets, rolly pollies, and I think I even saw a millipede!

Lastly, and this has nothing to do with summer, cleaning or bugs, but do any of you know the group and the song of the following line:
'follow me while I burst into flames' It's from the late 90s, I'm completely blanking on the group and the song, it's on the tip of my tongue!

Thanks to mariahgem for answering this question :]
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