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what is this feeling, so sudden and new?

I had a strange dream during my nap today, I dreamt that mom and I went to Hawaii. Okay, that's not strange since we will be going in October but we took Spencer and Zoe with us! Also, the hotel room was right on a cliche volcanic crater with bubbling lava right at the lip all cartoon like. I was worried about the cats going into the crater so I asked mom to ask the management if they had any other rooms. While mom did that, Zoe sniffed the lava and jumped in it! I panicked but Zoe kinda walked a few steps and hopped out. Um, even in dream land I was all 'wtf?' Then I woke up because my chest burn started to itch and hurt like mad and my arms started to itch like crazy. I could scratch my arms because, even though it hurt (burned there) it wasn't so bad, I basically clawed at my arms. My chest? It itched worst and it alwys hurts and the littlest friction and it hurts worse so I was dying.

Anyway, I took some photos of Spencer and Zoe today!

Spencer's eyes are so pretty, he's a handsome boy

Blurry Zoe! It's hard to keep her in focus, she moves at the very last second

Zoe's so petite in the face but really gangly in the body, adult kitten basically

Hehe she looks peeved
Tags: cats, my photos, spencer, sunburn, whacky dreams, zoe
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