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I can't believe me, a news junkie, has missed this!!!

I'm signed up for news alert and also environmental news alerts. How in the bloody hell did I miss this?! This makes me super depressed. My therapist brought this to my attention and I was kinda emotional at the time (nothing to do with the session, a mood swing) and I just started to bawl about it. I was just thinking about all those dead sea mammals!

A series

I know about the crisis, the imbalance going on and how it's screwing with the life in the oceans but I didn't hear about it killing the sea mammals and the sea turtles popping up with the cancerous growths on their eyes! That was the big news to me. Made me cry :(

But, ya know, there's no problem with our environment. We don't need to increase funding to help our planet, it's the future's problem. Bullshit, pisses me the flip off! Without environmental balance..we.are.dead.
The government's (at least the US government) view on the environment pisses me off. There are some great people in the government, my family know a bunch of them, state assemblymen, representatives, etc that actually care but, overall, I hate it. We need to put more money into helping clean up what we messed up. We made our planet this way, we need to fix it.

I'm enraged, worried, sad, and all sorts of emotions. I mean, I heard that there's parts of Florida that's dangerous to wade in because of high toxicity in the kelp..can you imagine if the sea grass and such has that? Manatees feed on it! There are not many of them left!!! Okay, I'm working into a really strange sad rage right now so I better just post this.
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