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me? I specialize in weather...

South Africans shiver through harsh winter
Oh I just love this line; While north of the equator, much of the United States sweats through a heat wave... Yes because US is the only country above the equator. Germany didn't suffer a really bad heat wave! /sarcasm Heh, I'm not really pissed just annoyed with the introverted attitude some of the country has. Meh, I know that if another country were reporting that it would most likely be the same, I just don't like it. Can't they say While north of the equator, much of Europe, North America, and Asia sweats through a heat wave.. That so hard? Okay I'm done ^__^

Speaking of the US, searing heat to linger
Poor you and you guys get worse humidity then we do! *offers you Popsicle

Rare nacreous cloud seen over Antarctica
That is just beautiful.
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