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Well we all can't travel by bubble!

Right, so bellelvsbeast keeps poking me with pointy sticks so I'm getting off my arse and posting my weekend post with the orca shots. This won't be long because I'm exhausted and want this done.

Friday we left around 11am and drove down to San Diego, was the normal drive, drove past the nuclear boobs, all perfectly normal. So we got to the hotel around 1 and relaxed in the hotel and tried to figure out what to do. We decided to go to SeaWorld for the rest of the day, so we got two day passes and found out we get a free plush Shamu (yayz!). So we headed over there and we usually go in a certain circuit, we start off on the Clydesdale's side and work our way around.
This time we started on the orca side and I took some photos of them in their private pool. Oh, it was roughly around 4:30 when I was there so the Dinner With Shamu was going on, so the whales were on the little platform in front of the tables, got some photos of that. Got some gorgeous shots. I got one shot, where when I checked under 'auto enhance' it looks like they are swimming in Atlantis or something! I saved it like that and a normal version, I'll show both. We got some things :]
So we also saw the sharks, belugas, polar bears, manatees, penguins, etc etc. Headed back to the hotel around closing and my feet were dying.
We watched Clueless on the laptop.

On Saturday we went to OldTown for some shopping and just to look around and I have not been there in years! There's a restaurant there with a yellow and blue fountain that looked so much bigger when I was a kid (don't you hate that?). Got some saltwater taffy from an old fashioned candy shop making it in the store and some really good teas.

Then we headed to the Gay Pride Parade which was great! There were some protesters being held back by horse mounted police but I wasn't that surprised, a few of them drove down from here!

Then it was time for Wicked!!!! OMFG no freaking words man! NO WORDS!!! Okay well Julia Murney played Elphaba and she was okay, she didn't do the long notes at the end of Defying Gravity which kinda sucked but I did really like her. Kendra Kassebaum as Galinda\Glinda had a strange singing voice, I didn't really like that and I don't think she sounded good with Julia but she was absolutely fabulous as Galinda so I didn't mind that so much. She was just so wonderful! Sebastian Arcelus was Fiyero and let me tell you, wow. He was incredible, a really good singer and he had the look! The Wizard, played by P.J. Benjamin was really good as was K. Todd Freeman who played Dr. Dillamond. He was really good and he scraped his back foot\hoof when mad! Jennifer Waldman as Nessarose was good too. I won't do spoilers because even for those of you that read the book, it is different then the book. I was bawling during For Good, so sad. I just loved it! It's coming her in February all the way to September! I plan on seeing it many times!

Okay so on Sunday we went to the Gay Pride festival and stuck around for like...40 minutes. We were in a hurry because we had a late start. That was fun to go to but I found out today that some people were attacked by some asshole bigots. When will people learn to accept :(
So we headed back to SeaWorld with our car packed for the ride home. Saw the dolphins, went back to the sharks, saw the Shamu show, saw the manatees again and spent some time just watching them swim and twirl. Stayed there three hours then drove home around 5. Got home around 6:30 and couldn't get online until the next day and then I fixed my internet at which point you saw my insane gleeful post ;)

Okay, photos! The first set is from the private pool and the show tank after the show. Well, it isn't 'private' but it isn't the show tank. Anyway, that this post. The second set of photos (which I'll post after I wake up, I'm dead awake) is from the show. Hey, it's worth it! Both sets are awesome in their own way. This set is just...well beautiful. Shows the majesty and grace and just plain beauty of these wonderful animals and since this set is much smaller I'll post them all. The other set shows their power. I mean, imagine the power you have to be to be as large as an orca and be able to do a complete back flip in the air! That's power! Anyway.
You can see the whole album here which I recommend because I don't want to post flood you with lots and lots of photos. There will be lots, just not lots and lots.

Grainy I know, but still good.

I discovered this when I clicked 'auto enhance' in PSP. Isn't this just awesome? It's like they're are swimming through the ruins of Atlantis! I have the real fixed up photo in my album :)

You can see an eye!!!

There, I posted all the photos from this set. Well, I did alter them a few times and didn't post them multiples but you saw all the actual shots. This won't be the case with the show since there were just so many. So again, if you want to see all those, go to the album which I mentioned above which you shouldn't really look at till later because I noticed the show photos didn't upload. I'm doing that now but I have dial up and this is part of the reason I'm not doing a massive photo post, that and I'm about to crash (at 4am, yayz!). So try in a hour if you are awake when I post this and you want to see.

Sleep now.
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