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Okay I was at the Gay Pride Parade and then the festival this weekend

These people are a waste of space
Thanks to bellelvsbeast for the link, I left before this happened. During the parade there were a bunch of Christian fundamentalists protesting behind horse mounted police. There were also a Christian group in the parade proclaiming that they support their choice in lifestyle. :)

I need to get a sticker, button or shirt proclaiming my stance on this subject. I have those things for Dubya, the war, clowns, guns, choice, etc. Oh, I do have a button on 'freedom of lifestyle' but it's such a small button. I want a shirt proclaiming that I'm for same sex marriage and would gladly vote for it to pass when it comes to this state :D

This case is also completely foul, just completely disgusting

This will be my last post till the orca post most likely, no promises though!
Tags: gay rights, human rights, news articles
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