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yes, just follow that road! Oh I hope they don't get lost, I'm so bad with directions!

Summer is the time for bugs! While outside feeding the fish I sat down on the grass. The butterflies were flying and the bees were visiting flowers, the flies were being annoying and the dragonflies were being graceful. On the ground the ants were marching and the spiders were hiding from the sun. The rolly pollies were being adorable and tank like and I saw a centipede, I never see those! It was so nice out, a breeze was blowing and it was in the mid 70s and the pond was making lovely pond noises and the fishies were splashing for food. Our heat wave is gone. Our normal ugly summer heat is in September so we'll get that ugly weather again but we're free for a month. You poor guys over in the east are getting it. Ooooh, I have a tip for you that some of you might know (anybody can benefit!). Put your blanket (the thin one?) and your pillow cases in the freezer for a bit before bedtime, it will be like sleeping in an ice sheet, niiiiiiiiiiiiiice XD
Okay, that's Sara's Non-Original Tip Of The Day
Just thought I'd share that, the joys of Summer (still prefer Winter though!).
Tags: animals, i'm a geek, nature, summer, weather
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