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Elphie, let the girl go, and her little dog Dodo!

Cuba future uncertain after Castro steps aside
He stepped asided temporarily for health reasons and gave his power over to his brothers. I thought this article warranted being at the top of the page.

Deadly heatwave moves east across United States
Sorry you're getting what we had =\

BWHAHAHAAHAHHA *regains composure*
The doctor said he's fine so I can laugh! So...*laughs some more* When he doesn't make me enraged he makes me laugh.

Mr Bear, what do you think about the US president?

Miscarriage risk climbs with father's age, studies show

Nixon considered using nuked in Vietnam

Irving and King plead with Rowling not to kill off Harry
It was on my Yahoo homepage, it was actually the most viewed story, even before the Castro story! I saw both stories at the same time and read the Castro one first :]

A little thing on his birthday
I watched and read SS and COS since it's been awhile since I've done that (months, lol!). I also huggled my rattie Harry who I gave the birthday. Isn't that sad? I also gave Draco the rat Malfoy's birthday, I just can't remember that off the top of my head...May I think...

Erm, I still don't like him. He constantly does this.

Mass home built from scraps of the Big Dig
I was in Boston years ago, when I was a young teen (like...13), and they were well underway with problems. They will never finish.

Yesterday we washed Heidi's bed. It's been a really long time since we've done that so I think she forgot that it has to be done. She was in a funk all day, laying in mom's bed all forlorn. Maybe she thought we were getting rid of her. When she saw her bed get put back together after getting dried she perked right up and did her 'happy Heidi dog dance'. We put it in her corner and she didn't bother to sniff it, she just plopped right down on it with a sigh and looked up at us with those puppy dog eyes that dogs do oh so very well. She's so insecure after all this time, I don't think it will stop. We just deal though, she's gotten better and maybe she will get even better but I don't think she'll be completely free of insecurities.
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