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Jessi is awesome just because

So yodallama suggested I just give a little summery of my weekend even though I should go into detail, and since she is just that awesome and good at persuasion I will.

This weekend I saw Wicked, it was fantabulous, I also went to SeaWorld, that was great too. Stuff is good. Saw a hot British boy. I'm sunburned, dammit. I'm red enough to throw in a pot.

I'll do a real post about my mini-vacation later I swear!!! In the meantime I'll post some photos from SeaWorld, none of these are orcas, those have a post all their own! You can see all the SeaWorld photos (no orcas) here.

California sea lions! The one in the water, a very large male, was annoying the other one

I think these are fur seals, they have ear flaps but they aren't the same guys are the above photo. Could be wrong of course, I don't remember much of my childhood seal\sea lion\walrus reading. Still love them but don't remember a whole lot anymore.

I love manatees

Above water shot of a nurse shark

Sand tiger!

Magellan penguin

Polar bear, this guy was huge

It is so hard to get a good shot of a beluga but I managed :D

Awww, a sea turtle

I actually got to pet one this time, for a full 5 or 6 seconds! It was lovely..I've pet them before of course but I never get tired of it, it's a mind blowing experience

Have any of you played Ecco The Dolphin for PS2? I love that game! Game itself is lame but I just love swimming and breaching, sooo wonderful


My favorite breed of horse, really only because it's the one I've been the most exposed to since I've been to SeaWorld so many times

Mama Clydesdale's

This foal was born March of this year! They are such a gentle breed of horse, gentle giants like danes! Actually Heidi reminds me of this foal XD

I will post photos of the orcas later today or tonight. Hopefully my post on Wicked and the rest of the weekend will also be later today or tonight, until then you have those photos :)
I accidentally took two Topomax instead of one, thankfully my pharmacist said I didn't have to induce vomiting. I was intending on taking two Ambien which my Psychiatrist said might help me sleep. Was distracted and grabbed my Topomax bottle. I can't force myself to vomit with my fingers (used to as a kid though) so I was prepared to drink lots of water and mom called the pharmacy. I'll be weirded out tomorrow but it isn't dangerous. Bah, that was scary x.x
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